Invitation from Indonesia

Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) will organize TRADE AND INVESTMENT FORUM 2013 in Jakarta on Ocotber 16-20, 2013. Themed “TRADE TO INVEST IN REMARKABLE INDONESIA: Enhancing Export-oriented investment and import substitution”, the event is intended to facilitate the 33 provinces in Indonesia to promote their investment opportunities and potentials.


TRADE AND INVESTMENT FORUM 2013 will bring together the representatives of government authorities from the central and provincial governments, financial institutions, prominent businessmen and investors from across Indonesia and several foreign countries. Your presence at the event will enable you to directly communicate with the major companies and provincial government officials from throughout Indonesia.



Indonesia Great Opportunities for Investment

Indonesia is home to rich natural resources that includes commodities in such sectors as mining, oil, energy, plantation, agriculture, to name a few.


Indonesia is also where some of the world's largest mining and energy companies have established their presence; many are the producers of key commodities, ranging from palm oil, rubber, tin and coal, gas as well as agricultural products.


Indonesia's rich natural resources have yet to fully exploit, awaiting more prospective investors from across the world to collaborate so as to maximize the production that can lead to larger market expansion in respective industries worth the investment. In other words, Indonesia welcomes significant number of potential investors to cash in on the country's natural resources into sustainable investment growth.

List of Investment Potentials



South Kalimantan


Many investors worldwide find South Kalimantan propitious for investments in the sectors of fisheries and marine, plantation, agriculture, mining and cement industry.

&... more



West Sumatra


Comprised of land and sea territory with a total area of 4,222,964 hectares (42,297 km2), the highland region of West Sumatra offers an array of investment potentials in sectors of agricultur... more



North Maluku


With the province geographically located in the waters that make up 76.28 percent of the provincial area, North Maluku is known for its fisheries with the annual production of around 700 thou... more


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